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Like our clients we have our travel dreams and look for ways to turn them into memories. The fun thing about being a travel advisor is that we get invite our clients and friends to help us make the dreams a reality.

Where Are We Going Next


Cruising The Rhone River 
Come Enjoy The Wine Of Southern France
November 7 - 14, 2024

Join us and AmaWaterways to enjoy Wine, Food and History both on the river and
in the French country side.


Unlimited Golf In Cancun Mexico
Join us at the Moon Palace All Inclusive
May 2 - 6, 2024

Leave the winter of 2023 behind and join us in sunny Mexico for a long weekend of unlimited food, drinks and GOLF!!!

Where Have We Been

Italy 2022

August of 2022 found us in Rome and Tuscany Italy.  In Rome we played Maro Simone Golf a week after The Italian Open and a year before hosting The 2023 Ryder Cup and then enjoyed the food, wine and history of the city.

In Tuscany we played an additional four golf courses. Tuscany also provided opportunities for a cooking class, exploring medieval villages, wonder among the grapes vines and enjoy wine, lots of wine.

14. Cypress trees of Tuscany
12. Chianti
1. Duomo interesting facts
8. Ponte Vecchio
10. Day trip to Siena
15. Take a road trip through the small villages outside of Florence
6. A walkable city especially with icecream
4. Roman Forum
11. Trevi Fountain
10. Different regions have different pasta
1.Coffee in Italy
5. Pantheon
Scotland 2019

July of 2019 we traveled with clients and friends to Scotland. We explored the Scottish Highlands from Inverness. We visited family castles, Whiskey distilleries searched Loc Ness looking for the famous monster.

There was time in Edinburgh for food and history. Also, we followed the footsteps of a certain young wizard and chased a little white ball around the course at the most famous golf complex in the world.

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